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Triple Johnny Cash Poster

Product Info

Brand: Hatch Show Print

Color: Gold

Details: The distinctive Triple Johnny Cash Poster is an homage to Andy Warhol, and a celebration of Hatch's history and the relationships the shop has developed with its customers and their audiences. When a troop of cub scouts were visiting the shop in the mid-1990s, the shop's manager, Jim Sherraden gave them a little lesson in making ready, the process by which type or photo plates are very slowly and carefully 'shimmed up' with thin pieces of paper, until the print that comes off of them is satisfactory, and the blocks are shifted in the press, as needed to be in register with the overall design of the poster. One of the staff was in the process of printing one of our restrikes, the Johnny Cash Show Poster, when Jim intentionally put the photoplate of Cash in the wrong spot on the press and cranked a print through. He compared the image's location with a sample poster, and the cub scouts agreed: Johnny Cash had to slide to the right on the print. In the press bed, that meant that he had to slide to the left, so as Jim explained it, he slid the plate, locked it back up so it would not move when printed, and again cranked the same print through: two Johnnys, side by side. Not long after, a third Johnny was added, and a background block of solid gold.

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