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Maker-Table Metal - Artisans of Tennessee - Daisy Peach Boutique


Maker Table Metal is a team of design and fabrication specialists working under a single roof with one main thing in common; we are all makers. We don’t wait for a solution; we make one. Our specialty is architectural and ornamental metalwork. Based in Greenbrier, TN, if you can’t find it in a catalog, you’re in the right place because making metal is their specialty. 

Canvastry - Artisans of Tennessee - Daisy Peach Boutique


What is Canvastry? We're a family with years of experience in customized printing. Our commitment is that no towel will leave our facility unless it looks great. We know that buying custom products online can be worrisome when it comes to product and print quality. If we have any concern regarding the quality of your design, we will reach out to you and work to create the most beautiful towels possible. Our commitment is to create products that bring life and love to your family. Our towels make great gifts for Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Family Reunions and special times in between. 

Music City Suds - Artisans of Tennessee - Daisy Peach Boutique


Music City Suds is proud to be the unofficial soapmaker of country music! Not only have our products appeared in celebrity gift bags at the CMT and CMA Awards, we have created custom soaps for some of country’s biggest stars, including Lady Antebellum, Trace Atkins and Barbara Mandrell. MCS products have graced the shelves of Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, The Country Music Hall of Fame and The Opry.

13 & Pine Wood Works - Artisans of Tennessee - Daisy Peach Boutique

13 & PINE

Hey there! My name is Hannah, owner of 13 & Pine. I am a lover of all things crafting and creating. Just this past year I turned my goal of making my passion for crafting a business! There is nothing like making something come to life from an idea, especially when it can be shared with others for a lifetime! I really enjoy making anything that is especially custom for the customer. I was so excited to team up with Daisy Peach Boutique to come up with these adorable cutting boards and utensils. I was born and raised right outside of Nashville, so Tennessee has a special place in my heart.

spirit of nashville - Artisans of Tennessee - Daisy Peach Boutique


The Spirit of Nashville collection began as a promotional calendar for our "big city" clients back in 2003. The calendars' 18x24" prints were an instant hit and gave us an opportunity to showcase our home town. And with so many historic sites, parks, restaurants, music venues and an iconic (and ever-changing) skyline, the hard part was choosing which "Music City Moment" to draw, paint and hand-letter next! Creating the Spirit of Nashville line was a collaboration of 17 different ADG staff artists, each with a unique perspective of this fantastic city.

NSM Designz - Artisans of Tennessee - Daisy Peach Boutique


Nick Mauldin, the creator of NSM Designz, is married with three children. Wood working is Nick’s hobby and everything he does, including using the CNC machine as well as graphic and design programs, has been self-taught. Nick loves making customers’ ideas come to life and is thrilled when they tell him that his work is better than they could ever imagine. Nick dabbles in pro bono work as well and has worked with a variety of police chiefs, FBI agencies, US Marshalls, the US Military and Fire Departments from across the country.

Wissaponastarr - Artisans of Tennessee - Daisy Peach Boutique


I have always had a love for crafting and I started out doing craft shows and using the Etsy platform to sell my wares. My Etsy store grew so popular that I didn't need to travel to do craft shows anymore. I am able to create all my items and sell them in the comfort of my studio now.  Even though crafting is my passion, I do this on the side as my hobby. I am actually a teacher. I taught 4th and 5th grade for many years, but finally took the leap and switched over to an art teacher (imagine that lol) and LOVE it. I was born in South Korea, but raised in Tennessee since I was a year old. I am the most southern Korean you will find and I wouldn't have any other way. I love Tennessee and I love the South! Education and crafting are my passion!

Flavory Spoon - Artisans of Tennessee - Daisy Peach Boutique


We are your choice for top of the line gourmet vegetable dip mixes, slushie mixes, salsa mixes, meat rubs and dessert mixes. Our goal is to provide you with USA made tasty, high quality products that make your dining experience more memorable. Flavory Spoon is committed to offering gourmet dip mixes that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Whether your preferences are sweet, savory or spicy our ever-expanding product line has something for you!