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Posted on July 11 2022, By: Nancy Greene

As you know by now, I am a southern girl...to the core. Daisy Peach is my way to share with the world all of the amazing things that make up the south. As we explore the great southern states, it was an obvious choice for me to start with Tennessee. Tennessee is and always will be home sweet home to me. Let me tell you why... 

I was born in Chattanooga, TN where I lived until I was 18 and then moved to Murfreesboro, TN to go to college at Middle Tennessee State University. I graduated in 2002 and moved to another great southern state, South Carolina. After eight years, Tennessee was calling us home, so we moved to Nashville, TN and are still here today.  

Tennessee is truly home. Even when we lived in South Carolina, I felt the desire to always move back. Tennessee provides a sense of comfort to me and is the place that formed me into the person I am today. I met Rob in Tennessee and have so many amazing experiences and life lessons that were learned in this great state.  

My love of Tennessee does run a bit deeper than most. Growing up we were a “blood runs orange” family. The Tennessee VOLS were an important part of my childhood. My grandfather (Pa-Pa), George Cafego, was an integral part of the VOLS history. He played football at the University of Tennessee in the 1930s under head coach Robert Neyland. In 1940, he was the number one draft pick for the NFL. After a stint with several NFL teams and some military time, he returned to football and coaching. He made his way back to the University of Tennessee where he coached football until 1984.  

I have so many sweet memories with my Pa-Pa. We had a special relationship. I loved visiting him and my Granny in Knoxville and being spoiled for entire weekends. He used to take me to UT and let me play on the football field in an empty stadium. After he retired, we would still go to games and he would take us up into the box to sit with him. He was an amazing man and I truly miss him. When he passed away, both Peyton Manning and Phil Fulmer came to the funeral. I said a few words at the funeral and afterwards Phil Fulmer came up to me and stated “you are definitely a Cafego”. Noone I would rather be! 

Understanding who my Pa-Pa was helps better understand my Saturdays in the fall. They were driven by VOLS football! My dad would always go to the season’s first game. I loved it when he did. He would always go with his guy friends and be gone on Saturday (that isn’t why I enjoyed it...lol). I loved waking up the following Sunday to left over sandwiches. I know that is an odd memory. But when they went to the game, they would go to this mom-and-pop grocery store in Knoxville and buy tons of sandwiches. They always had a lot of leftovers. White bread, roast beef, cheese and all the fixin’s. By the time I ate one for breakfast, yep you heard that right, on Sunday morning they were slightly soggy but so good. I remember sitting on the couch, in my nightgown, watching cartoons and eating those sandwiches. I loved it.  

My dad would always take us to a game each season as well. We would pile up in our vacation van and head to Knoxville. I am not a huge football fan (I know right???? How can I be a Cafego???) but I enjoyed the games. My dad would take us to dinner after the game, we always had friends with us, and then we would go to Celebration Station and play putt putt and arcade games. I loved those Saturdays so much!! 

So as you can see friends, I was born and raised to be a Tennessee girl. From my TN football legacy, from meeting my soulmate to creating an abundance of amazing memories, Tennessee will forever and always be home sweet home to me.  

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  • Karen Mitchell

    Karen Mitchell

    July 14, 2022

    I am a true lover of Tennessee. Raised here and hope to stay forever.

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