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Posted on September 05 2022, By: Nancy Greene

TN state fair collage picture - Daisy Peach blog post

While most people consider Labor Day the unofficial end of summer, for me....it is the Tennessee State Fair. Located in Lebanon, TN, the fair is filled with fun; amazing people watching; outstanding heart attack inducing food; excellent rides; and the best way to end the summer!

2022’s Tennessee State Fair theme was “95 Ways to Celebrate Tennessee” - a tribute to the 95 counties that make up Tennessee. I will tell you...it did not disappoint. 

We decided to go on the last night. We live about 20 minutes from the fairgrounds. It took us two hours to get there...LOL. That shows you how amazing this fair is. Almost one million people attended the fair this year!!! WHAT??? So let me tell you friends, plan ahead. Be prepared for traffic and use Waze...it probably saved us an hour. Also, another pro-tip...pre-purchase tickets online. No time for lines. We walked right in. It was amazing!!!

Once inside the smell of sausage and peppers; funnel cakes; and popcorn truly take over. The sounds of the rides and the laughter make you understand why you are there. The night we went was a little balmy, as are most August nights in Tennessee, but fortunately as the night went on a cool breeze picked up and the humidity went down...making it quite enjoyable. 

Emma and her friend wanted to ride all the biggest rides. The fastest and the scariest. Fortunately, the fair did not disappoint in that department. Their favorite...the Super Himalayan, they rode it twice. But they were thrilled with every ride they rode. 

We spent most of our time in the scary ride section while we noshed on hot dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy, lemonade, slushies, fried Oreos and more. Did I tell you the food did not disappoint?? LOL. 

In addition to the rides, food and midway games; the fair also boasts live music, competitions, livestock shows and motorized events. There is literally something for everyone. So as the fair has ended, in my mind...so has the summer. So now friends, get ready. I am full on Halloween. Get ready to experience all things fall in the south! It is my happy place!!! Until then, Happy Fall Y’all!!!


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