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Posted on July 18 2022, By: Nancy Greene

Ava and Bentley collage pic for Daisy Peach blog post

To know me, and my southern life, you have to know Ava and Bentley. Our crazy cats who rule this roost. We adopted Ava and Bentley in December 2017 after our sweet Chloe passed at 18. Ava and Bentley have filled that void completely.

Oh these sweet cats bring us so much joy...let me explain...

Ava. Our diva cat. She is a beautiful cat who loves to snuggle and be adored. She freezes constantly and it amazes us with the hundreds of warm spots she can find to get cozy and sleep....for hours!!!! Ava is kind of celebrity here in Nashville. When it turns cold here in the south, and the fireplace is on, Ava’s true inner diva comes out. Her poses Infront of the fireplace are hysterical, ridiculous and soooo entertaining. So get ready!!!! There is no end to her craziness!!

Then there is Bentley....our sweet Bentley. If there was ever a “dog named cat” that would be Bentley. He has the sweetest soul and literally understands EVERY WORD WE ARE SAYING. I’m not lying friends.... he is brilliant. As I work, Bentley brings me every toy he owns. Love that cat and his sweetness!!

So friends, you are in store for a ton of cat antics and hilarity! Just wait. I can't wait to share their stories (and crazy photos) with you!!





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