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Posted on August 22 2022, By: Nancy Greene

Garlic Bacon Ranch dip mix collage from the Daisy Peach Boutique TN Charcuterie gift box

Last Christmas, Emma and I, along her BFF Kayla and her mom Susan, spent the day doing all things Christmas in Nashville. We ended the day looking at Christmas lights and enjoying a Christmas festival in Lebanon, TN. It was super fun!!! This my friends is where I was introduced to the most amazing dip mix you will ever experience!!!

I always love a good dip. Truth be told, I would rather eat appetizers and small snacks throughout the day then a large meal. So anytime I can try a new recipe...I'm on it! At this festival, was a booth run by a local artisan, Flavory Spoon. They are located in Murfreesboro, TN, just about 30 minutes south of Nashville. They offer a great selection of both savory and sweet dip mixes. However, my favorite....is.... GARLIC BACON RANCH DIP!!!!! I mean how could you not want to try Garlic Bacon Ranch dip!!!!!!

First of all, it is SO EASY to make!! You just add a few ingredients and pop it into the fridge for a bit and it is good to go. It is so creamy, so garlicky, and the bits of bacon are just divine. I served it with wavy potato chips, but you could also use butter crackers, veggies, tortilla chips or whatever you have!! There is no wrong answer when it comes to this dip. As we move closer to the holidays, it would be perfect on a charcuterie board for a party!!

Want to know the biggest score? This dip is included in our Tennessee Charcuterie Box!!!! It provides everything you need for the perfect party including this AMAZING dip!!!!

So, friends, take my word for it.... you have to try this dip!! Let me know how you like it!!


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