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Posted on July 25 2022, By: Nancy Greene

Daisy Peach family at the Loveless Cafe CollageRecently we had a Saturday morning free, so what better way to spend a morning then at Loveless Café. So me, Rob, Emma and our second daughter (aka Emma’s BFF), Lauren, hopped in the car and took a trek to Loveless Café.

If you live in Nashville, or have thought about visiting Nashville, you have probably heard of Loveless Café. Built in 1951, Lon and Annie Loveless opened the restaurant and 14-room motel as a resting point for those traveling Highway 100. Serving fried chicken and biscuits, the couple also cured and smoked country hams onsite. While the motel is no longer in operation, Loveless Café still serves outstanding country fixins served alongside several gift shops and an event barn.

When you plan your trip to Loveless Café you will definitely need to be prepared for a wait. I called in advance to inquire about the best time to come. They stated that the wait starts pretty much 30 minutes after they open and is consistent until early evening. But I promise you, it is worth it!!!

Fortunately, there is plenty on the property to keep yourself busy. I mentioned gift shops before...they are great!!! You can purchase a variety of Loveless items like biscuit mixes, jams and sauces as well as a plethora of other splendidly southern items. Another gift shop onsite features clothing, jewelry and a variety of gifts that are super fun and well priced. If you know me, you know I love a good photo opp. Loveless Café does not disappoint in this category. Soooo many options! So get your cameras ready!! There are also several fun games on property, like cornhole, to help bide the time. Emma and Lauren will not be winning cornhole competitions...just sayin’!

Once you are seated...that is when the real fun begins!! We were there for breakfast and I will tell you, Loveless did not disappoint. Once we ordered our drinks, a giant plate of homemade biscuits and jams was served. Out of this world!! Pro tip – Ask them to bring you some apple butter too! It tastes like fall and warms your soul! I think between the four of us, we had 16 biscuits. No shame! We appreciate fine things...and those biscuits were FINE!! Need biscuits in your life? Check out my amazing biscuit recipe here.

Our breakfast order was...well...interesting. Don’t judge – sometimes you gotta just order what your soul tells you that you need!!! Rob was the traditionalist (meaning only breakfast items). He ordered the Country Breakfast Bowl. So let me just tell you. It takes a lot for food to impress Rob. Like a lot. This impressed him. He was in heaven!!! It was so filling and full of breakfast deliciousness! Whole pieces of bacon plus biscuits and sausage and eggs and potatoes and gravy....oh my goodness. He LOVED IT! 

Emma ordered chocolate chip pancakes with a side of fries. Yep! I said it. Pancakes and fries. It was funny, when they put her plate down they looked like regular pancakes with three chocolate chips on top. We were thinking, hmmmm....not a lot of chocolate. But once she cut into these pillowy cakes the chocolate abounds!!! I could smell the chocolate from across the table. Dessert for breakfast. She couldn’t finish them, only because they were so rich and decadent, but she did put a good amount away along with her fries. Emma, who takes after her dad, is also hard to impress with food. When we got in the car she said, “those were the best fries I have ever had”. Alright then...SCORE!

Lauren ordered regular pancakes, topped with strawberries, with a side of fried okra (AKA, the food of the gods). She said the fried okra was the best she had ever had and the strawberries were so sweet!!! She loved it!!!

I ordered a vegetable omelet with a side of fried okra. I can’t lie, if fried okra is on the menu, I HAVE to order it. Like I physically cannot help myself. I am a Tennessee girl, it is in my DNA for fried okra to be in my top five favorite foods. When they sat the omelet down, I thought OH NO – IT’S GOING TO BE DRY!!!! There is nothing worse than a dry omelet. Right? Well...let me just tell you! I cut into it and the cheese just oozed out. It was THE BEST omelet of all time – the GOAT of omelets. It was giant and I was so full, but I couldn’t stop! It was so filling that I couldn’t eat anything for the remainder of the day. Then there was the fried okra. Oh my! When I called it the food of the gods earlier, that was an understatement.  It was perfectly crispy and salty. I ate every single one. It was amazing!

Whew! What a meal. We were uncomfortably stuffed. But every calorie was so worth it! We waddled to the car and digested on the beautiful drive back to I-40. 

Now I will tell you. While breakfast at Loveless Café was out of this world, lunch and dinner are equally as fab! I have had the pleasure of enjoying lunch at the Loveless Café a few times before and let me share a few of my highlights. First of all, I know this is a shocker, but the FRIED OKRA!!!!! Order it with every meal. I promise you...you will thank me for this! So, I am a sucker for a veggie plate. Not gonna lie...especially when it is a southern vegetable plate. A few of my faves include the mac and cheese (of course); the marinated cucumbers and onions; the fried green tomatoes; and ...i know this is a shocker and a super big surprise...but the fried okra!!!! I am who I am!

Other than veggies, there are several main course super stars!!! The fried chicken, whew y’all! It is divine!! If you like fried chicken, don’t like fried chicken, never tried fried chicken....TRY THE FRIED CHICKEN at Loveless! Then...one of my faves....Fried Chicken Livers. I know I know. They are not for everyone. But if you are ever going to try them...try them at Loveless! Delish!

So let me recap our visit. Fried okra is life. Loveless will give you all your southern feels. You will leave stuffed and happy. It is a destination...not just a restaurant. If you live in Nashville or plan to visit Nashville, please put Loveless on your agenda. It will not disappoint!


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